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Treated water, tastes better, smells better, is better! Removes harmful chemicals, impurities and softens for a better tasting smelling and purer water.

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Puronics® produces a full range of drinking water and whole-house water treatment systems, all of which utilize advanced technology to ensure your family receives the highest quality water.

The benefits of alkaline water

1. Antioxidant properties

2. Clean the body from within

3. Advantages for the skin

4. Lubricates the muscles

What is the pH?

It is the unit with which we measure the acidity or neutrality of any liquid. When a liquid has a pH less than 7 it is neutral. Liquids that have a pH equal to or greater than 7 are alkaline and pure water gets too close to this number.

How much alkaline water can I consume?
Alkaline water is a natural product, therefore there is no problem in consuming up to two liters. This habit is very good if you have calcium and magnesium deficiencies because alkaline water has the right measure of these minerals.

However, it is advisable to seek the advice of a doctor and ensure proper maintenance of our body.

The consumption of alkaline water has antioxidant properties, gives us energy and lubricates the muscles. Our body must maintain a slightly alkaline pH level to be balanced and avoid disease.


Do you know what’s in your drinking water? If you have ever noticed your water making your skin dry, leaving spots on your dishes, appearing cloudy, or tasting bad, then it is time to learn more about your water. Request a free water test.